Musings of an amusing mind…and stuff you should think about.

Today’s post is just snippets, previews, if you will.

1. Was Michael Jackson’s death a freak tragic accident or was it orechestrated by higher powers? And by higher powers I mean…The Republican National Commitee.  At first I thought maybe.  After all The King of Pop died right as the Mark Sanford scandal broke. It was like magic.  One minute it seems like we would be hearing about Sanford for days, then The Man in the Mirror dies and it’s wall to wall MJ. But then Sanford came out and made an even larger ass of himself saying that he needed to tell his story, when most people would have just quietly slipped into the background. So, no, it couldn’t have been the RNC.  But maybe it was the DNC or the Administration. I think it’s far more likely that if MJ’s death was orchestrated is was done so to take attention away from Iran, North Korea’s missle launching, deaths of our military abroad despite pulling out and no one named Bush in office, and anything that comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth.

2. Was Dick Cheney covering up some super secret black helicopeter CIA operation? Probably not. You might have heard the contrary, but this is mostly to cover Pelosi’s ass about waterboarding. The program in question was apparently not fully operational and the CIA is not required to brief on such things that are not operational.  And by the by, the program was to kill Al Qaeda leaders abroad. You know, the same Al Qaeda that those people who are against action in Iraq say we should actually be at war with. The same Al Qaeda that like to blow themselves and others up for fun and virgins. A program to kill those guys…raise your hand if you’re against that.

3.  I just saw the movie “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage.  It was dreadful (In fact the only decent movie I’ve seen in theaters in years is Disney/Pixar’s “Up”, but that is not the point). The premise is (spoiler alert) that this little girl in the 1950s has voices in her head telling her all these things that she writes down and sticks in a time capsule. The things she writes down are a giant list of numbers that are the lat. and long. coordinates, dates, and number of dead for all the catastrophes in the world for the next 50 years. Time capsule gets dug up, list is in Nick Cage’s posession, and being the brilliant astrophysicist he is he figures it out.  Through the whole movie we hear how there is an Indian summer, solar flares that will disrupt cell service, and so forth.  As it turns out, The last date on the list is happening in just a few short days after the list is discovered, but there’s only a date, no body count or coordinates.  And do you know why, cuz it’s the end of the world.  And do you know how the world ends? The Sun gets too damn hot and we all fade to white.  Or at least that was the artistic interpretation of what a giant solar flare does to the world. What I’d like to point out is that this movie is based on the fact that the sun is hot and volatile. Not only can and does it warm the Earth but it kills us all.  Not the SUVs (which Mr. Cage drives in the movie), not carbon, not coal, not anything but the Sun. I know this was a movie, but you do realize how much the sun contributes to our climate right? You’ve noticed that it gets cooler, even dramatically so at night or when it’s cloudy (even in the summer!), haven’t you? If you haven’t noticed this then give my regards to Osama, ’cause you must be living in the same cave he’s in.

more to come later.


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