I”m not one for conspiracy theories, but I’ve got a few here.  I don’t think they’re too far-fetched.  After thinking about it for a while I have come to these two conclusions

First, The president and his administration should have closed the boreder, but didn’t.  (see above blog) I think they didn’t because, besides all the warm fuzzies we’re supposed to have for Mexicans (esp. the illegal kind), I think that if they closed the border people would realize it could be closed and managed for immigration purposes as well.  We are constantly told that closing the border, building fences or adding more man power to patrol desert areas would do no good to stem the flow of illegal crossing.  That, of course is crap as the border fence in San Diego has pushed crossers farther east and since the National guard has left the border violence and crossings have increased.  We would have to provide extra man power in desolate areas as well as actual border crossings to shut down the border for flu purposes – because if we didn’t people would just keep crossing illegally esp. those with flu to seek treatment in the U.S.  And, i postulate, if we did, we would see a dramatic drop in border crossing and then people would see that, si se puede, the border can be managed contrary to what the left tells us.

Number Two.  I think this administration is looking for a health scare.  Yep, they want to scare us all into national healthcare.  It makes no logical sense to make the leap to national healthcare from possible pandemic, but that’s the point.  See if they cause a panic that would get people thinking in a stupid way.  People will be scared and pinicky and since this is a health scare they will cry out for health care.  Because that is what stupid scared  mobs do. 

And, i don’t trust the WHO as far as I can throw them.  In fact i would trust Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend (The Who) to manage this far better than the brach of the UN. On Hugh Hewitt’s show today, Mark Steyn reminded the audience that China lied and lied for weeks about SARS and the WHO was complicit in that. Plus, they belong to the UN which has the Congo, Saudi Arabia, and The People’s republic of China, among others, on its Human rights council.

Look, everyone gets it except the administration: The border should have been closed.  They close schools becasue they don’t want the sick kid coming in and infecting the 30 other students who in turn infect their families, who in turn infect their coworkers and so on.  It makes sense.  You don’t open the gates to the rest of the Huns because a few got in. 

Just think about it.


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