Yeah, that’s right.  I’m calling it “Mexican Pig Flu.” We already changed the War on Terror to “Overseas Contingency Operation” whatever the hell that is.  Because, of course, there is no such thing as terror.  So, excuse me but I won’t be calling the Swine Flu the “Worldwide Respiratory Affliction” or whatever Crappy Nappy and Mr. President come up with. I’ve decide to call it Mexican Pig flu because it started in Mexico (They found the 5-year-old kid who has been deemed “patient zero” who lives in the hills of Mexico surrounded by pig farms), and it’s got a Swine flu strain (H1N1) in it which is how the “Swine” nomenclature came about.  I don’t care if it’s offensive or insensitive or politically incorrect – it’s accurate.

Here’s what I know about this.  The first case was reported on April 13, 2009.  There are 91 confirmed cases in the U.S. They are in 10 states.  There has been 1 death in the U.S. but it wasn’t a U.S. death.  Let me clarify: a 23-month-old child from MEXICO came to Texas and received treatment.  The toddler later died.  That is, of course, tragic but this is not a U.S. death.  It is the death of a Mexican citizen in the U.S. The child also had underlying health issues. You can keep tabs on U.S. cases on the CDC website

Mexico has had 2000-3000 cases of people with “flu-like” symptoms show up in hospitals. Different news reports put the death toll of these cases anywhere between 150-300.  Of those deaths, only SEVEN have confirmed Mexican Pig Flu.  You should also know that The reports of new cases in Mexico are tapering off (Last Friday there were 141  cases reported, on Saturday 119, and then on Sunday 109), and the “new” cases in the U.S. are actually just confirmation of the probable cases you heard about last week.  The acting head of the CDC, Bresser, said that that’s not anything to be optimistic about, nor should we be optimistic that there are no U.S. deaths (I do not consider the Mexican toddler a true U.S. death)

Now, for my second politically incorrect position: I do think the border should have been closed with Mexico.  Look, people who traveled to Mexico are the main people afflicted by Mexican Pig Flu, besides those actually residing in Mexico.  But, President Obama and his dream team said there is nothing that would ever make them close the border with Mexico, and it wouldn’t do any good anyhow since the flu is already here.  Oh, really? Well, I think that’s wrong.  Let me put it to you this way.  You have a castle, there are 10,000 Huns outside the gates ready to attack, let’s say five get inside the castle walls.  Do you say “well, 5 got in, no use keeping the other 10,000 out?” No, if you’re not a complete jackass dope you say, “I will manage/detain/kill the 5 Huns inside the walls while doing everything in my power to keep the others out because I can definitely handle these few, but 10,000 Huns might be a bit much.” They say that closing the border would be really bad for the economy.  Sure, but a bunch of dead people are bad for the economy, too.

The WHO has gone and raised the alert level to 5 which means “Holy shit! Lock the doors and board the windows, We’re all about to die!” So, if that’s the case why is the border still open? And the president says we’re concerned but not alarmed.  But Napolitano said it’s a health emergency.  Don’t emergencies usually involve alarms? People are recovering on their own and with the aid of Tamiflu and other antivirals.  I’m so confused. Should I be terrified or hopeful?  How did we get to alert level 5? I mean, since April 13, 2009 – when this whole thing started- we haven’t had any exponetial growth of Mexican Pig flu.

What I’m not confused about is that the left likes to scare everyone.  They like doomsday scenarios: The Ice age of doom in the 1970’s, global warming now, heterosexual AIDS,  pesticides on apples or pesticides that kill malaria carrying mosquitoes…And they call conservatives fear-mongers.  VP Biden said he would tell his family not to get on a plane now.  But weren’t we supposed to fly after 9/11? Priorities?

Scientist say this won’t be as deadly ad the 1918 flu pandemic or even as deadly as a normal flu season which takes about 36,000 every year in the U.S.

I’m washing my hands and staying away from people (I do that generally because I’m not a big fan of the public at large in general).  The only thing making me sick is this administration and the sensationalism of this “pandemic.”


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