Hate Crime

I sent the following out before the election, before the existence of this blog, but I fidure it’s a good place to start.  So, here is some of what you can expect:


So, this Halloween season has been kicked off by some twit somewhere with a deplorable display in her front yard.  What I am referring to is the display of Sarah Palin (current republican VP candidate) hanging by a noose – in effigy. I find this sort of thing to be beyond the pale – no matter whose effigy you wanna dangle from a tree. THis is not your typical Halloween horror display with ghouls and goblins, witches and pirates, or any other spooky fearsome creature.  This is disgusting . 
What I find equally distasteful and distrubing in this instance is the intellectual dishonesty coming from the talking heads of the left. Let’s just say it – if that was an effigy of Barack Obama swinging from the business end of a noose we would be hearing hews and cries of racisims and hate crime and who knows what else until we were deaf. If you cannot admit that simple truth  you are either incredibly stupid or a card carrying member of the intellectually dishonest group.
As the mainstream media (MSM) reaction – silence and not outrage – tells us it’s fine and dandy to swing a white conservative from a noose. THis is confirmed by all those talking heads of the left who try to sweep this away and say it doesn’t matter and that we should cahlk this up to the gruseomeness of Halloween.
My other problem with this whole thing is the term ‘hate crime’ in and of itself.  Let me address that first. The term hate crime is so lacking in value that we shouldn’t be using it all.  WHat is a hate crime? if two guys get mugged and killed but one is black and one is white, then you’ve got yourself a ‘hate crime’ in reference to the black guy, but just a regular crime with regards to the white guy.  THis gets so slippery and murky I almost don’t want to write about it, but let’s see if I can make your head explode.  What if a white guy kills a black guy? ‘Hate crime’, according to those who think there is such a thing.  What if a black guy kills a white guy? I have never heard that referred to has a hate crime. Just like when people tell you that minorities can’t be racist. Excuse me? And, if there are ‘hate crimes’ are there love crimes? and what would that look like? Is that like a crime of passion: ‘Oh, my wife is sleeping with some other guy and I love her so much I’m going to slash her throat because I hate that she’s sleeping with another guy.’  or would it be more like: ‘I love my daughter so much that I cannot bear the thought of her in the cruel world so I will lock her away in the basement forever and possible start an incestuous relationship with her becasue only I can love her.’?  Have I made my point, do you see the absurdity yet? How will we be penalizing these criminal? Based on intention and not actual horrific actions? If hate crimes have heavier penalties than regular old crime will love crimes have lighter penalties because, ‘I meant well’?
Now, back to the intellectual dishonesty portion of our program.  This leaves a rotten stench in the air and sour taste in my mouth.  As I said before we should scrap the term hate crime, but since we do not live in a world where reason prevails (but free hugs and feel-good policies do) let’s work from inside our confines.  If the hate crime crowd wants us to acknowledge that crimes against gays, blacks, native americans, disabled persons or whoever get  the special designation of hate crime for whatever reason, then at least call this Sarah Palin effigy on a noose a hate crime.  Again, you know that’s what we’d here if it was Barack Obama instead.  HOwever, all I hear is ear-splitting silence. You’re hard-pressed to get them to say that this is disgusting (how can it be since it involves someone who is white, conservative, Christian, and believes in traditional family values?) That paranthetical aside was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.  But that’s what we’ve been told for years now, people with belonging to those groups can’t possibly be victims of hate or racism or anything of the sort.
And that is why we can’t even have a dialogue.  How do you have a conversation when one person asks who a bird is able to maintain flight and the other person says that birds can’t fly at all? This is what you have to look forward to if you vote for Barack Obama.  A media and a socialist sub-culture that has become so emboldened and in the tank for hope and change (whatever that platitude means), blinded by Bush-derrangement syndrome that we’ll have four years of double-standars, double-talk and double the lies.  You know what kind of media and culture I mean: the kind that says you’re not even allowed to question if a candidate or his policies are Marxist, socialist, or socialist-lite, no matter how valid the point may be. Maybe we’re not allowed to ask because the answer would be a clear and resounding yes.
This has been brought to you by the pissed-offedness of Maya Grim. This is unedited and uncut. 
The number one reason to vote for John McCain is Barack Obama.


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